Promotional Endorsements

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company offers support during all key stages of the planning and development of tourism projects.


Businesses and properties in the Puerto Rico Tourism Company Endorsement Program obtain the following benefits:

  • Promotion in PRTC’s official publications and marketing campaigns.
  • Access to PRTC’s promotional material.
  • Promotion in the seepuertorico.com website.
  • Promotion in local and foreign marketing strategies.
  • The opportunity to be promoted in activities sponsored by the Company.
  • Participation in certain market-specific public relation efforts.
  • Access to a variety of courses and workshops that promote customer service quality and improve a client’s experience (subject to availability).
  • The use of the PRTC official logo and/or promotional material (authorization required).
  • An 11% discount in your energy bill.
*Additional benefits may be available under certain conditions.

  • Use Permit
    Provided by the office of permits management or the municipality, as the case may be.
  • Sanitary License or recent inspection certificate
    Given by the Puerto Rico Department of Health
  • Inspection Certificate
    Provided by the Puerto Rico Fire Department
  • Municipal License
  • General Liability Insurance Policy
    With a minimum coverage for the amount of $1,000,000. Policy must include the Puerto Rico Tourism Company as an additional insured and a Hold Harmless Agreement in favor of the Company must be in place.
  • ID of the owner with photo.
    Required only for Bed & Breakfast properties.
  • Certificate of Non Penal Records
    Required only for Bed & Breakfast properties.
  • Alcoholic Beverage License
    If applicable. Provided by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department.

*Some of the documents required may be found on pr.gov's website.

Promotional Endorsements for Tour Businesses & Touristic Activities

A Promotional Endorsement is a free and voluntary benefit for tour businesses and touristic activity services that wish to be promoted by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. There are minimum and basic requirements to comply with in order to obtain these benefits. The requirements are listed by category within the application and apply depending on the business’ type of activity.